Matrix Maker Instructions

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Matrix Maker is a web-based, browser-based utility to help you with your next R/C event. Using Matrix Maker, you can build a pilot roster, calculate a randomized pilot matrix, and print heat cards and matrix lists, and even resolve frequency conflicts where possible.

Using Matrix Maker is simple, but you must follow these simple steps:

1. Adding your Event
Before you do anything, you must identify your event. From the Matrix Maker Main Menu, select Add a New Event. The Add Event screen appears. The first field is the most important, and its the EventID field. The EventID field is used to identify your event to the system and will be used throughout the process. Make sure you remember your EventID! The EventID is normally your AMA Sanction Number, but it can be any 10 (ten) digit numeric-only number that has not already be entered in the system. The next field is the Event Name. Use up to 60 (sixty) characters to enter the name of your event. Next is the Event Location; normally you'd enter the city and state, and you can use up to 60 (sixty) characters. Finally, enter the Date of the Event. Be sure and use the format MM/DD/YYYY. When all of the information is correct, press the Submit button to add your event. If the event was accepted, you will receive a message indicating so, otherwise you'll receive an error message and will be prompted to re-enter the information with a different EventID. If, for any reason, you'd like to start all over, see the information about deleting events by clicking here.

2. Adding Pilots to your Event
After adding your Event, the next step is to add your pilots. Note: You can add and delete pilots at any time. From the Matrix Maker Main Menu, click Add Pilots to an Event.  First you'll be asked for the EventID. Enter it in the first field (Matrix Maker will remember it for the next pilot). Next, enter the pilot's number. This number must be unique amongst all pilots, and we recommend you use the pilot's AMA Number (numeric values only). If you don't use AMA Numbers, then number your pilots sequentially and use those numbers. Regardless of what numbers you use, no two pilots may have the same number. Next, enter the pilot's last name and first name. You can use 30 (thirty) characters for the last name, and 20 (twenty) characters for the first name. Now enter the Frequency the pilot will use. You may only enter numeric values in this field. Finally, if the pilot has a backup frequency, enter it in the Backup Freq field (it is also a numeric only field). When you have completed the pilot entry, click the Submit button. If the entry was accepted, you will receive a message stating so, otherwise, you'll receive an error message indicating the pilot (or the pilot number) is already taken.

3. Calculating a Matrix
Now that you've entered all your pilots, you can calculate a matrix. From the Matrix Maker Main Menu, select Calculate Matrix. Enter your EventID, the number of rounds you'd like to fly, and the number of pilots you'd like to have in each heat, then click the Submit button. Matrix Maker will then calculate the matrix. Be sure and watch the progress of the calculation, as Matrix Maker will display any problems it might encounter during processing. If all is well, you'll receive notification that processing is complete, and a report of any errors found. If Matrix Maker finds errors, it is recommended that you simply click the Submit button again to re-run the calculation. Repeat this process until the Matrix calculates without errors.

4. Printing reports
All reports are printed right to your browser. If you are using any of the newer browsers, you may save these reports to your local computer by using the File | Save As feature in your browser. Once a report is saved, you can open it in your word processor and reformat and/or print the reports, or you may wish to simply print the reports right from your browser. Reports that are currently supported are:  Heat Cards, Matrix Cards and Pilot Roster, all of which can be found on the Matrix Maker Main Menu.

Deleting an Event
Once your event has taken place, its a good idea to delete the event from the system. To do this, from the Matric Maker Main Menu, click Delete and existing event from a list of events. You'll be asked to enter the EventID. Click Submit and the event, its pilots and matrices will be permanently removed.

Deleting Pilots / Changing Pilot information
Matrix Maker does not provide a method for you to edit pilot information, so if you do need to change pilot information, the easiest thing to do is delete the pilot and re-enter him with the correct information. Sometimes you just need to delete a pilot who will not be attending your event. To do this, from the Matrix Maker Main Menu select Delete Pilots from an event. Enter you EventID, then click Submit. You'll be shown a list of pilots. Simply click the pilot you wish to delete. Don't forget to recalculate your matrix after you've deleted or changed any pilots!