What to do with that retired combat model...

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What to do with that retired combat model...

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One of our regular members moved on to a new SSC model and decided to turn his Bandito in to a slope soarer. Here is the result.....


He extended the nose with a couple of bits of ply bolted together through the fuselage and balanced it with a bit of lead. The bulbous nose is a block of EPP to protect the aircraft (and objects) from damage.

I haven't seen it fly but reports are positive in both light and strong lift. We don't have many good slopes in Perth, Western Australia (just some moderately tall sand dunes) so we may have to wait for a good Easterly breeze for Mosman Park or take it to the 600 foot cliffs in Albany on the South Coast to really wring it out.
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Now that's thinking outside the box! [:D]
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