E-Fest Indoor Electric Festival.

Are you and your buddies getting together for some electric combat smack-down? Post a note with the date, time, and location so other buzz-bomber wanna-be's know where it's happening!

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E-Fest Indoor Electric Festival.

Post by rdc767 »

Looks interesting. Anybody going? Looks like a full contact combat. Nice if a rcca member would win. Gilkey, Lee, Hat?? Full contact might need a slightly different design.

Slam and Drew would kick butt at this . Too bad FL is so far away.[:0]


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Post by drewjet »

That looks like fun

Shame it's all the way on the other end of the world.
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Post by boiler »

It looks like full contact combat (no streamers). I've flown this several times with the local guys. I don't think it's as much fun as our style of combat. The favorite planes are like the Zagi and Unicorn. Both are wings with pusher props on the back. The idea is to knock your opponets out of the air.
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