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The batteries are dead, the ESC's are smokin', combat's over and I ain't jokin'. Let us know how the smack-down went!

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More E-SSC

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IN early 2005 I had fun playing with light electric and learning the basics. I`ve also watched with intrest the efforts of Sheepy and Scott Stockwell to fly SSC with electrics. It was intresting, but the performance was no there. In perspective, Sheepy and Scott were trying to get the power from cheap motors and NiMH batteries.

It was understood that the 8/3MA could be turned 17.5k with electrons, but it would take brushless motors, LiPo batts, and mega dollars.

That was where we were at until 3 weeks ago when Slam and Drew Jet revealed the first competitive E-SSC`s to the world. Not only were they competitive, but they placed 1st and 2 in their first contest.

After studing the info that S&D generously shared with us, and checking prices on-line, I could see that motor/esc combo was aprox $200 and each set of batts would run aprox $75. That`s pretty reasonable.....I had to give it a try.

I`m lucky....I have a GREAT LHS about 10 min from home. They are doing more and more E stuff all the time and know their stuff. I didn`t want to mail order... I wanted it in my hands NOW. I was looking for the Mega that S&D had used or a HiMax 36/15-2100. I had seen that it had similar specs to the Mega.

Well, there in the shelf was the HiMax that I was looking for. The counter man showed me a low priced 40amp ESC by E-flight. the batts that I settled on were a pair of Dualsky 1700mah.

The motor was $85...the ESC was $60 and the pair of batts were $100. So my cost for the set up was $245....a little less than S$D setup. The motor and ESC were cheaper and the batts were higher.

The question was "Would it work?" Well, IT DID!!!!!

After cycling the batts several times, I`m getting 18,800 rpms at full stick. I`m pulling about 33amps static at 17,500. In the air I estimate that the amp draw is close to 30 because I can get 7 min of strong power.

Here`s the cheapest way to go. HiMax motor $76, E-Flight 40amp ESC $55 and the 2000mah Magnum batts that D&s used $75. That`s $206 for one setup. To fly a contest you would need at least two Motor/esc combos and 4 sets of batts. That`s about $570 for enough equipment to fly E-SSC competitively..... Not Bad!!!!
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