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I am trying to set up an electric ssc ship but I can not get it to work.I am using a 2650 4cell battery and a 60 amp speedcontroller.
so this is what happens when I plug in the power the SP beeps but I get no power to anything,if I plug a reciever battey into the battery slot in the reciever I get power to the ailerons and elevator so if anybody has any suggestions let me know thanks.
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Re: Speedcontroller?

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Have you tried cycling your transmitter throttle from low to high after ensuring it really was reaching low and you do not have sub-trim and ATV preventing that?

My concern now is, that if you have a BEC circuit on the Speed controller, plugging a battery into the receiver AT THE SAME TIME may well fry the controller.
Don't ask me how I know that!!
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