Club combat SPAD construction Falcon

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Re: Club combat SPAD construction Falcon

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Lee I have built a few spads cant say that I am a big fan of them, But looks like a great combat platform. Good Job :D
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Re: Club combat SPAD construction Falcon

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Hey Craig, what`s up?

Yeah, I hear ya. I would never have thought this would work, but you never know unless you try.

I started playing with some little flat coro style wings just for fun. Something to fly right outside my back door. But then I built the 48" Falcon with an airfoil and was shocked at how well it flew. I've been hauling this 2mil coro around for years, so why not try a big one.

I went through my old stash pretty quickly and had to go buy more.

I know it won't take much to knock one out, but my e-foamies haven't been very durable either when they are kept light. The performance seems on par with my foam SSC birds. If I'm able to make it to the LSN next month, I'll find out for sure.

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Re: Club combat SPAD construction Falcon

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Wow, coming full circle.

Started combat with spads, nice to see a bit of a revival or at least interest. Put a little glue or 1/8 rod behind the LE and spads can take a fair amount of punishment.

Still working on building up a few more e-SSC birds, but the small open e planes are a riot to fly and super cheap and easy.

But always intersted in a new knife design.
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Re: Club combat SPAD construction Falcon

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Up North we never quit on SPADS for fun combat. The Gnat is still flown at meets to warm up. It has been responsible for several new pilots entering regular sanctioned combat.
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