RCCD Melee over Lenox Contest Report

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RCCD Melee over Lenox Contest Report

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Despite a clear weather forecast, the 2015 RCCD Melee got off to a rocky start due to heavy rain on Saturday morning. Despite the rain threats, and reports that people en route were driving through heavy rain, we set up the field and were fortunate to see the rain stop by about 9am.

Unfortunately, one attendee, who shall remain nameless, travelling from mid-Ohio got to Toledo before realizing he forgot his wings. There was no way he could return for the wings and get to the contest on time. Another pre-registered attendee from Mid-Michigan did not arrive- perhaps he was scared off by the weather. Or perhaps he just was scared of the other competitors. Whatever the reason, the contest went forward with three participants.

Despite the humidity, we used crepe paper streamers without incident for the first several heats. As the morning wore on, the humidity apparently increased (?) and we were seeing incidents of shedding streamers. Therefore we changed over to forestry tape streamers.

The meet was planned for eight rounds of Limited B followed by four of Gnat. However the contestants unanimously agreed to continue with Limited B for the full 12 rounds, in order to save the time of converting over to the other class.

To add excitement to the meet, a Carrier Landing zone with maximum 25 point bonus was added. These points were totaled, but were not included for the RCCA points report.

At the end of the 12 rounds, Eric Gilkey was in first with 3983 points (3848 without carrier landing), Rick Wise was second with 1390 (1375 without carrier landing), and Stuart Holdsworth captured third with 1190 (1145 without carrier landing).

Thank you to RCCD for allowing the use of the beautiful Wetzel Memorial Field for the contest, to the workers and kitchen staff who generously assisted, and to Keith Jones for doing all the preliminary planning and paperwork for the meet.
Scott Gilkey
RCCA# 330
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