National Electric Fly-In 2017

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National Electric Fly-In 2017

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I just received my April edition of Model Aviation yesterday and on page #10 there is info promoting the National Electric Fly-In (NEFI) June 16-18th at the AMA flying field in Muncie, IN. They mention they are doing combat as well. Since I did not see it listed in our upcoming events I figured they perhaps did not know about us (RCCA). I did some research on the event and found this on RC groups from 2015:

2015 NEFI special event rules

Full-contact combat
Any airworthy electric aircraft
Battery size limited to 3S 1,350 mAh or smaller
Pilot count will decide elimination process

The thread from RC groups in 2015 can be found here: ... 9-21/page5

I wasn't sure if the group who organizes this is aware of the RCCA or not, but perhaps introducing them to streamer cut combat would help our goal of getting an electric class going...they're already using a 1350 mAh plane which is in the ballpark of some of the ideas we have tossed around for planes already.

Perhaps someone is already familiar with this event/group that organizes it and has already had communication with them. I thought it would perhaps be a good way to broaden our electric combat audience of people that are already into it, and perhaps we could get some of them to come back in July for our NATS. Anybody else know more about this event?

Just a thought,
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Andy "Dr. Kamakaze" Runte
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Re: National Electric Fly-In 2017

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My club members flew full contact for two years and I flew with them. I broke equipment and lost battery packs so I stopped. They stopped a few months later for the same reason.
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