AMA Urgent Rules Proposal for SSC Engines

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AMA Urgent Rules Proposal for SSC Engines

Post by midair02 »

I submitted an urgent proposal to AMA because of the lack of engines available that meet the price criteria. I'm proposing removing the price limit and the claim rule so we don't have to keep adjusting the price.
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Dane McGee
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Re: AMA Urgent Rules Proposal for SAC Engines

Post by Dane McGee »

Thx for the heads up Will. I got the email from Tony and read over the changes.

I'm good with the proposal.
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Dr. Kamakaze
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Re: AMA Urgent Rules Proposal for SSC Engines

Post by Dr. Kamakaze »

Makes sense to me too. I was talking with Heath at NATS about the electrics and the additional weight the electric SSC planes are supposed to weigh versus the "dry weight" of the glow SSC planes to account for the fuel variable. He had said it was only listed in the SSC rules...should that not be across the board in all classes to have the electrics weigh a titch more to account for fuel? It sounded like the minimum weight was hard to hit with the electrics anyways and it was a mute point, but with electrics becoming commonplace it may be worthwhile to address so there is uniformity across all classes. I would also recommend that electric set ups for each class be listed somewhere under the tabs on the RCCA website so prospective pilots can reference the info. When I get asked about electric setups for the different classes I get the "deer in headlights" look and try to refer them to the recent Model Aviation mag article by Heath or the same info by Heath on RC Groups. I can try to e-mail Don to see if there is a way he can make an electric tab exist on the homepage if people agree.
Just a couple thoughts,
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Re: AMA Urgent Rules Proposal for SSC Engines

Post by Quickdraw »

Thanks Will. Good call.

What Andy said.
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