Real armor for scale planes

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Real armor for scale planes

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At last years NATS I built my P-40 planes using a simple yet amazing design for the fusalage. I used a two foot long piece of fence post (electric from TSC) glued in the center (side to side) starting at the front and just reaching the tail feathers. I placed it low enough to put the fuel tank on top of the post and have an acess cover over the tank. I screwed a piece of cutting board in front of the tank and into the motor mount also made of HDPE. I didn't mean to test it at the NATS but did. Full throtle straight down and burried up to the leading edge. When I got home I had to remove dirt from the engine cowel area and screw my cowl back on. No more crushed firewalls. if a plane broadsides me, I should only lose some foam and the plane will be functional. I may build a 2610 Zero to take out west if I can find the time.
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