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SSC Prop Source

Post by rtstestpilot »

Does anyone know where to buy SSC combat props in larger quantities (bulk)? I've been out of the sport for 7 or so years and can't find any of my old suppliers; we used to buy them in bags of 10. Where is "the" place to get your props. Looking forward to getting back in the fray - I'm feeling a little bloody! :D

On a side note, where did the Avengers go? Love these girls and can't find anything on Team Seaholm (AJ's old website, anyone cutting the kits, or even any reference to the aircraft being used these days).

Thanks in advance!
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Re: SSC Prop Source

Post by mlapacz »

I get my 8x3 props direct from Master Airscrew.
Mike LaPacz
Green Bay, WI
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