Stryker Class

This is the thread to aid in development of new ideas and classes. Post working rules and gather feedback!

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Stryker Class

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Lee Liddle and I are working on testing airframes for a new RCCA Electric combat class that we are for now calling "Stryker Class", because of the several Stryker style airframes available at the many discount hobby online warehouses....Some of the goals are to have an airframe that can handle the wind (so we are not stuck flying a dinky airplane at sunrise and sunset) be fun and easy to fly with an airframe that can be bought fairly cheaply off the shelf and flown competitively in a E class of RC Combat with few or no mods.

Unless we get youngsters/new pilots in our combat niche, the RCCA will no longer exist in a few years because of attrition....Fact. To attract youngsters/new pilots a cool looking, fun flying airframe style/class must be developed. How many young flyers do you know that know anything about glow engines and traditional airframes? Not many.
The times have changed gentlemen and we must change with them to survive. I'm not advocating not flying our existing classes. I'm only pointing out fact that RC Combat must change or get left behind in the dust of history.

Lee started a thread and has done some testing with promising results. The thread is located here:

Also check out our Facebook group: RC Combat

I have a Bare Stryker wing on the way and will be completing my build hopefully before the next combat event so we can put um up with streamers. Once we get the airframe sorted out, I will install one of my light weight fpv systems on it and give it a whirl just to see what all the fuss is about.

The FPV racing scene has exploded with a new national organization and a world class event held recently in Dubai on a million dollar race course designed specifically for racing. I posted another link with the rules and size classes for FPV wing racing that have could give us some guidance since the wing specs would probably overlap with what we are hoping to develop.
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