Battle Axe SSC Kits Available - Limited Run

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Battle Axe SSC Kits Available - Limited Run

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Happy Independence Day!

We've received numerous requests and inquiries asking when Chris Quinn's Battle Axe Kits would be in stock, and so we've assembled a limited run of SSC kits.

While we're not actively producing kits any more, these are the same Battle Axes that guys have been flying to victory since the original version launched over 10 years ago.

If you're new to SSC and not familiar with the Battle Axe, check out Lou Melancon's build-along article:

The Battle Axe is available in a 2-pack and 3-pack:

- 2-Pack of Kits: ... 8999100025

- 3-Pack of Kits: ... 8999100032

We hope these kits bring a lot of fun and adrenaline - watch your six!

Alex & Tim Treneff
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