NPS Rule & Guidelines

RC Combat Association National Points System Rules and Guidelines
Revised Jan 1, 2013

A. An event must follow RCCA or AMA rules fully and without modification(s) and be sanctioned by AMA to qualify for RCCA National Points. The following classes will be eligible for RCCA National Points:
– All AMA R/C Combat Classes (includes SSC, Open B and 2610)
– RCCA 2548/2948
– RCCA Limited B

B. A minimum number of four (4) participating pilots must be met for the event to qualify for RCCA National Points. A minimum of four (4) contests of any class must be held during the contest year for a “National Champion” in that class to be recognized.

C. Contest Directors (CDs): You MUST check your completed score sheets as follows, then send them directly to the RCCA NPS administrator as described below:-

1) Validate that score sheets are correctly filled out and that scores are correctly assessed and totaled. Carrier landing points must NOT be included in each total but listed separately in the right margin of the score sheet .
Each score sheet must contain:-
the name, date and location of the event.

  • the name of the pilot
  • the pilot’s RCCA Number (if they have one – see NOTES below)
  • the pilot’s AMA number
  • the class flown
  • the sanction number
  • the score for each round.

Also, include the name and phone number of the CD in case they need to be contacted.

2) CD MUST take a copy of each score sheet , either digitally (scanned) or photocopied.
3) CD MUST keep the ORIGINAL score sheets in their possession and send the copies to the NPS administrator using one of the two alternative processes below:-
a. (Preferred) CDs may email scanned copies of the score sheets in PDF format to the email address below. One PDF file per class flown containing ALL score sheets for that Class is preferred if possible. Files in JPG format are acceptable, but not recommended due to the potentially large file size.
b. (Optional) CDs may mail paper copies to the postal address below.

For all mailings, the NPS administrator’s address is:

Randy Hodges
142 Clarksley Rd
Manitou Springs, CO 80829
Phone 719-205-1746

To assist the NPS Administrator, CDs please:-

  • ensure the event schedule is updated if an event is canceled.
  • ensure the sanction number is updated from “pending” once it is known.
  • edit the event details (post completion) with pilot information for those who did not pre-register. This includes (at minimum) the name and AMA number of non-RCCA members.

Also, once scores have been entered, it is highly recommended CDs check that they are correct and contact the NPS Administrator to resolve any discrepancies.
If for any reason the CD is unable to comply with these directions the scores may not be entered correctly or possibly not at all. It is suggested that they ask for assistance where needed.

D. Event must have been posted online with the RCCA for at least 30 days prior to the event on the RCCA Calendar web page. Date changes must be made no later than 14 days prior to earlier of the original or revised dates unless approved by a majority of the RCCA Executive Council.

E. Points accumulated for Carrier Landings do not apply to the overall National Points since the Carrier award is optional.

F. The National Points race will begin January 1 and end December 31 of each year.

G. An outline of the National Points System follows as:
1. The RCCA web page database will be used to post and calculate each pilot’s scores in each category and class, total rounds flown, and total points in each class.
2. The pilot’s best 20 rounds are used to determine the final winners in each individual class. An overall Scale champion will be determined by a pilot’s best 20 rounds from a combination of both scale 2548/2948 and scale 2610. An overall Open champion will be determined by a pilot’s best 20 rounds from a combination of open 1/2A, Open A, Open B, Open C, SSC, Limited B and GNat.
3. At the end of the year, winners are determined in each category and class based on total points of best rounds.
4. Based on number 4, Championship prizes may be awarded in the following categories based on appropriate participation:
– RCCA National Scale 2610 Champion – (top 20 rounds in scale class 2610)
– RCCA National Scale 2548/2948 Champion – (top 20 rounds in scale class 2548/2948)
– RCCA National Scale Overall Champion – (combined top 20 rounds from any scale class)
– RCCA National Open 1/2A Champion – (top 20 rounds in open class 1/2A)*
– RCCA National Open A Champion – (top 20 rounds in open class A)*
– RCCA National Open B Champion – (top 20 rounds in open class B)
– RCCA National Open C Champion – (top 20 rounds in open class C)*
– RCCA National Limited B Champion – (top 20 rounds in open class Limited B)
– RCCA National GNat Champion – (top 20 rounds in open class GNat)
– RCCA National SSC Champion – (top 20 rounds in open class SSC)
– RCCA National Open Overall Champion – (combined top 20 rounds from any open class)
* These events do not currently have enough participation to merit awards.
H. Any RCCA event which allows a plane or planes to compete which is not legal for the advertised class forfeits its right to award NPS points to its contestants unless an approved waiver is granted by the RCCA.