Scale Plane Decals

Here’s some of those hard to find German markings that you can easily turn into simple decals. You can save this graphics to your hard disk using your browser. Just point to the graphic, right-click, and select Save As from the menu. Now open the graphics with your favorite graphics editor and print it! Better yet, find a friend with a color printer, or run down to the local copy center and print the marking in color. In a day or so, I’ll post some dimensions so you can accurately print them to scale.


And we can’t forget the ole Stars ‘N’ Bars!


More German markings… Note that there is an odd background on some of these. This is due to the fact that several of these markings are bordered in white, and will not show on most printers, so I left the background intact so that you can see the borders easily.

Click here to go to an excellent reference on German Markings.


Here are some great British roundels and bars:

Here’s a couple of good ones from Tom Carr for your P-40. Thanks, Tom!

…and here’s some excellent Canadian markings from Hoyt and Billie Stewart

canadafg.gif (1460 bytes)
canadard.gif (1282 bytes)

John West sent along these fine Russian red stars!

Morten Strenglesrud from Norway sent along these outstanding Italian Markings: